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In the sweltering heat, sweat does pour, 

Global warming is a sauna we invited over with our constant harming actions.

For the summers we needed a dress that is the perfect everyday wardrobe essential to beat the heat here and how! Some centuries ago in Madras people started wearing lungis, a breathable fabric wrapped around your body so we decided to make a  dress from this easy-flowing, sweat-friendly material. Made from 100% cotton, with cool blue and brown checks running across the body in buttoned full sleeves, the Madras dress will allow for space to enjoy ice lollies out on the street with your bestie! Plus with added pockets, the dress will carry your essentials and help your bag-less trips in this heat. 


Style tip - Take the Madras dress out for a spin with simple runners, a nude face, sunnies and maybe a straw hat too and you’re all set for the season!


Garment length: 50"

Material: 100% Cotton 


If you need any customization, please mention in the notes section while placing your order or DM us.

Madras Dress

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  • Surprise! Your Madras dress is machine wash-friendly. However, they are natural pigment dyed and thus, colors may bleed. Always machine wash with similar color tones, on a Gentle Spin mode in cold water only. Read more.