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upcycle my sari

follow these steps ------>

It typically takes 1.5 months to make something custom made, follow the steps to place an interest and appointment

step 1: choose the design 

step2: upload a photo of your sari

step3: you will recieve an email to book an appointment  

step 1: choose your design

1. crop bomber/hoodie

single layer, elastic on the hem, L: 14"/35cm

$ 200


3. quilted hoodie/bomber

with faux fur and pocket, L: 24"/62cm

$ 500

5. sari dress

in cotton with pockets, L: 47"/119cm

$ 300

small 1_edited.png

2. oversized tee

oversized sleeves & pocket, L: 30"/76cm

$ 180

small 1_edited.png

4. double layered  hoodie/bomber

with sequin and pockets, L: 27" / 68cm

$ 300

small 3_edited.png

6. co-ord

crop top + skirt/pants with pocket

$ 650

your design selection

Transform your sari into something truly unique with our custom wear service. Our team specializes in designing one-of-a-kind pieces that suit your personal style and body type. If you don't see your favorite design here, just let us know and we'll work with you to create a piece that's perfectly tailored to your individual needs.

 illustration : Vaidehi Talukdar 

7. quilted puffer

with buttons and pockets, L: 36"/91cm

$ 900

step 2: click a picture your sari

Upload Sari
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