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Our package is not just a bunch of extra paper printouts, layers of new plastics or extra containers for your garments - rather, it is a symbol of our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. From the moment you open your Mae package, enjoy and experience a world where sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a way of life

Crafted from abundance


Re-used Plastic Bags

​What you see is a labour of love. Layers of thrown-away plastic and leftover brocade fabrics are pieced together to make packaging that is reusable, eco-friendly and truly one-of-a-kind! 


The creative brain behind Mae, Jayeta teamed up with a fellow eco-warrior, Jayati and her tailor Afroz to create your packaging! Jayati runs a successful thrift store and felt the need for her packaging to also match the eco-friendly nature of her store. And like a mad scientist, she started experimenting with waste plastic collected at home. The result was a brilliant show of recycled plastic bags!

Environment Friendly

A fortunate walk around the streets lead her to Afroz, a mother of 3 and a housewife of a small grocery shop owner. After a long list of tailors who refused to work with used plastic, Afroz rose up to the challenge. Jayati provided her with the machinery and Afroz is now able to further support her family, working from home. Since then the dynamic duo of Jayati and Afroz have been creating these beautiful bags from what most people consider trash!

To a collection of waste plastic from your groceries, your rice and flour bags, your chips and your packets of 2-min noodles, we add a sprinkle of some exquisite Brocade. We have recently reworked our packaging designs and now you get a strip of transparent plastic sandwiched between Brocade.

Photo 24-05-22, 11 23 52 AM.jpg

Sari Packaging??

Once we perfected the upcycling, it was time for the design. And we designed and redesigned and further redesigned! Days and months of trials and tests later we were finally happy with our final design - Packaging 2.0. A sleek combination of clear plastics and Brocade - a bag is truly Mae!


Come, have a closer look! The efforts of collection, cleaning thrown-out plastic is then ironed and then stitched together into these bags. There’s a double layer on both sides, making the bag strong and water-resistant! Keeping your Mae garment safe till it reaches you!

Hope our lil’ endeavour helps in making the world a little bit brighter and a little bit better, one piece of throwaway plastic and brocade at a time!

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And we are constantly looking to collaborate further with artists, stylists, creators, and dreamers. Looking for new projects, challenges to upcycle and recycle more - and create more art from abundance.

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