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Wash Care

Laundry detergent brands have convinced us that clothes need to be washed as frequently as possible. Truth is, they don’t! In fact, frequent washing hurts our fabric, frays it and reduces the strength.


It is also a tremendous waste of water worldwide! We recommended to wear out your Mae pieces at least 8-10 times before you put them in for wash unless they have a concerning spot or sweat patch on them. Your garments will thank you, and so will the environment!

Environmental Friendly Choices

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we collect brocades that are 20/ 25 years old, get to know how you can care for them

how to cleaning your मैं garment

1. soak

Turn your garment inside out and submerge it in a sink or bucket with just enough water to soak the enitre piece. Make sure to use cold water and soak for 5-6 mins. Do not use hot water.  

3. mix ‘n’ wash

Agitate the water, gently and repeatedly dip your garment in and out of the water to rinse off dirt and allow the soap water to reach every corner of the garment. Rub only if needed. Spot cleaning doesn't suit brocade.  

2. add detergent

Add mild detergent into this soak. One popular DIY silk-washing method is to switch out your laundry detergent for some baby Shampoo, a few drops and leave your soak solution for 8 minutes. 

4. rinse ‘n’ dry

 Rinse off the garment in running cold water. without twisting or wringing. Use a towel (similar color as the garment) to press-dry. Dry hang/flat dry your Mae piece on a clothes-line, in indirect sunlight only. 

Note: never twist and wring out your garment to avoid damage

Can i machine wash my piece?

we are currently testing & exploring our fabric limitations !!!!!!!!!!


caution: This is not an option we suggest since we are still tetsing this and we take no responsbility for this.


we have found out that our pieces are machine wash friendly on a particular setting. Always put the garment in a mesh bag before tossing it into the machine. Wash only in cold water, on a gentle spin cycle with similar color tones.

washing clothing in the machine is an aggressive process of  tumble, rub and friction. Thus, we recommend you hand-wash your pieces.


so your mae garments last you a lifetime and more!


always iron your pieces inside out, on low setting

avoid ironing your brocades directly

only iron your garment when your silk is dry

Clean Clothes

What is that smell in my clothing?

That is actually the smell of the Rajnigandha blooms, a special aroma, sourced from an old vintage local shop in Chandni Chowk, Delhi that we add to our garments before we send them off to you. It's our way of saying "thanks for choosing Mae!" 

However, we understand that some might be allergic to the scent, so if that's you, just let us know in the notes section, and we'll make sure to skip the fragrance.

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