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Alexa play Mohe Rang Do Laal


Red, the color of love, passion, danger, desire just like Goddess Parvati, depicted as having both negative and positive aspects/manifestations. Bright silver zari from one of the carefully restored vintage beloved saree is now converted into a comfortable crop bomber. A raised collar with a silver geometric pattern that looks like you are wearing a choker, while the bomber is filled with intricate zari buti (tiny flowers) and large floral motifs. Additional uni color jali work gives Parvati bomber a godly aura. Just like her, it is multifaceted, pairs well with a mini skirt or a saree.   


2”/5.08cm elastic on the wrist and waist to give a fitted look while the garment generously falls on your body.


*Please note: only size M is available in the UK currently. 


Zipper: YKK
Length : 14”/ 35.56cm
Material : Cotton base with silk zari patchwork
Wash Care : Gentle separate hand wash, know more

If you need any customization, please mention in the notes section while placing your order or DM us.

Vintage Parvati Bomber

  • Hand wash your garments in a mild detergent/ baby shampoo with cold water. Soak for 3-4 minutes, gently swirl and rub the garment. Rinse under running cold water, do not wring or twist the garment. Lay flat to dry under indirect sunlight. Do not machine dry. Read more for machine-friendly wash tips.


Size Chart


We challenge the traditional sizing system and encourage people to approach our chart with a fresh perspective, free from the limitations of conventional sizes. That's why we have created a single size-chart that is inclusive of all humans:

1. Our sizing is solely based on a range of body measurements use a tape measure to ascertain your size.

2. Measure yourself at the biggest part of your body that corresponds to the garment you're eyeing. For example, if you're looking at a hip-length top, measure the biggest part of your hips. Select the size that fits in that It's that simple! 


In general Mae garments are oversized and they look and feel the best when sized up. Thus if your body measurements exists inbetween sizes, always order the bigger size. 


If you need a little extra help, don't hesitate to reach out to us on instagram or email us at

48in / 122cm
44in / 112cm
54in / 138cm
46in / 117cm
42in / 107cm
52in / 132cm
44in / 112cm
40in / 102cm
50in / 127cm
42in / 107cm
38in / 97cm
48in / 122cm
40in / 102cm
34in / 86cm
44in / 112cm
38in / 97cm
32in / 82cm
42in / 107cm
36in / 92cm
30in / 77cm
40in / 102cm
34in / 87cm
28in / 71cm
38in / 97cm
32in / 81cm
26in / 66cm
36in / 92cm

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