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Protect yourself from the biting chill and from that Aunty’s buri nazar (evil eye), all with our Big Kajrare Bomber. A deep, black beast of a bomber is a huge leap away from mass produced, fast fashion pieces that end up in overflowing landfills. We may not like aunty’s buri nazar, but she does have some beautiful silk banarasis locked in her wardrobe like the one we have used here along with some cotton corduroy. Our Big Kajrare Bomber can take you from the Burning Man festival to a diwali party with ease or always keep it close for simply stepping out for groceries! 


Style Tip - With the foldable, faux fur lined neck and some deep, wide pockets to cloak your hands, you can stay covered right up to your kaale kaale kajrare! Wear a simple tee and a pair of pants, shorts or skirts inside and you have perfected layering effortlessly!

Kajrare Bomber

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